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Our Surgical Standards...

Pre-Surgical Exam - Your pet's surgeon will perform a full exam to assure that your pet can safely undergo their procedure. During this exam, they will also review our recommended pre-surgery blood work that is done to make sure organ function will allow them to be safely anesthetized.

Pre-Anesthesia - We strongly recommend that all surgery canididates have a blood panel run before surgery to make sure their liver and kidneys can handle anesthesia. IV catheter and fluids are also highly recommended to keep your pet hydrated and warm while under as well as offering a direct port to a vein in case of an emergency.

Anesthesia - Patients are given pre-anesthetic medications before surgery to help calm them and provide pain relief when they wake up.  After the pre-anesthetic medication we will give an induction medication that transitions your pet to anesthesia. We then entubate to secure an airway.

Monitoring - Pets are monitored from induction to full recovery in several ways.  Your registered surgical nurse uses a pulse oximeter measuring heart rate and blood oxygen and monitors body temperature. Our nurse is with your pet from the minute they go under until they are fully awake.

Pain Control - Cats no not understand pain and are designed to hide it.  We aggressively address this issue with custom pain management plans for every pet in our care.  Because of the above standards we use, pets are able to go home at the end of the day after their procedure. 

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