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Many clients mention an odor they have noticed associated with their cat's mouth when talking to their veterinarian, and often they believe this is a normal problem that doesn't have a solution. The odor is the result of tartar, the yellow-brown material that collects over time around the base of your pets teeth. The active bacteria in the tartar and rotting particles of food lodged around the pet's gums and between teeth, are the causes of the odor. If your pet suffers from the above, they could have dental disease.

Dental disease is a complex and destructive oral inflammation and infection that destroys gums, bone, teeth, and in the worst case can threaten your pet's life. Untreated dental disease can affect major organ health including the heart, liver, and kidneys. Recent studies have shown regular dental care in pets can add 3-4 years to the pets average life span.

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